12 Months of Bulbs

Yesterday was the first warm day in a while…..so of course,  I was outside.  I worked on garden edging, and had to move some bulbs that were in the way. Probably hundreds of heirloom Iris, 100 Sternbergia (fall crocus) and countless baby Crinum (along with the massive mother bulb). My gardens are jam packed full of bulbs. Overflowing. An unreal amount of bulbs for one gardener. I have spent 25 years digging and rescuing heirloom bulbs Many bulbs are easily 100 years old. Heirloom bulbs are hardy and multiply rapidly. I recently had an Oxblood give-away that was very successful.  Free bulbs to gardeners from all over the Country. I loved hearing from these random new gardening friends. Each person told me their unique garden stories, and I enjoyed knowing the bulbs had new gardens to flourish in. I’ve decided that I will take the bulb give -away throughout the year. 50  packages each month. A different bulb featured each month. My greatest joy in gardening is the friendships that develop. I am truly happy when I am able to share these garden treasures with you. January’s bulb will be a nice pairing of the beautiful Sternbergia and Iris. I might as well send them out together, since they are already friends…..dug up together. $10 per package, covers a few Iris, a few Sternbergia and shipping and handling.  If you’d like a Crinum as well, throw in another $5.00 Please email me at keenankfletcher@gmail.com to save your spot and receive details about shipment. .  I will send the first 50 inquiries the bulb goodies. Here’s to a great gardening  year full of beautiful garden treasures. My gift to you. Happy Gardening!

7 thoughts on “12 Months of Bulbs”

  1. Good morning! 🙂 so happy to share with you! You can send it to 705 East Ellis. Llano texas 78643. I will ship the bulbs out after receiving. Please include your address and and a little about your own garden. Cheers! 🙂

  2. Is this Bob from Llano? If so, there is no shipping and handling! Let’s find a time to meet, and I will load you up! Heirloom Garlic too. Keenan

  3. Greetings Debbie! Please send shipping fee to heirloom bulb girl 705 east ellis llano texas 78643. Let me know a little about your gardens, and if you’d like the baby Crinum as well. 🙂 cheers! I will send the bulbs out as soon as I receive your info. Glad to share with you! Keenan

  4. Greetings! So glad you find this little site! Also happy to share some heirlooms with you! I did receive your email as well, so I will respond in greater detail there. Cheers and Happy Gardening!

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