A Good Garden Day

Let’s face it, most days in the garden are good……but some days are just better.

I rarely have a day that I am disgruntled while in the garden. I take that back….Bermuda grass. (I loathe Bermuda grass!!) But, with the exception of finding a new trail of Bermuda invading my gardens, I definitely have good days while in the garden. I learn about life. God gives me hope and peace. I am happiest when my hands are dirty.

Yesterday, was an exceptionally good day.

The Hill Country has experienced an unusually cold winter this year. It has been challenging to get outside on days with 20 degree weather. I still try to go out and ‘survey’. I dream of the flowers to come, and look forward to all of my upcoming Spring flower projects.

I was poking around the area I had planted my prized Pink Spider Lily. Pink Spider Lilies have a soft place in my heart. At one time, I had 12 bulbs. My young family and I got them on a family outing to an heirloom bulb sale in Tyler, Texas……then, a winter freeze killed them. Later, my best friend had given me 4 more bulbs….and the darn gophers ate them.  A few years ago,  I bought 6 more heirloom bulbs……..and I never saw them again. I lost all but one. I literally staked off part of my garden in hopes of saving this last bulb. I planted more of my favorite flowers near by, so the bulb would have some flower friends. I also had my husband take care of the gopher.

So as I was surveying, I saw something unexpected……my Pink Spider Lilies!!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was the last thing i had expected to see. What was once lost, was now found, and I tried to  imagine how the Lord must feel when a lost soul has been redeemed.  How many times had I had sadness over the saga of my Pink Spider Lilies. ….and to think, they were just getting themselves ready for the next beautiful season in the garden.

The Pink Lilies spoke to my soul. They reminded me of  my life. Sometimes I am too quick to mourn the loss of something, a circumstance, or even a person. In reality, God is still at work redeeming it. Sometimes I focus too much on the gopher…..and I lose hope in redemption.

“For with man, nothing is possible. But with God,, All things are possible for those who believe”.

God still has a plan. He is still at work. Behind the scenes,, in the dark and under the ground,…..for all of us. Even for a gopher-eaten, lost  Pink Spider Lily.

It was a good day. A very good garden day.


2 thoughts on “A Good Garden Day”

  1. There’s nothing more frustrating than a most precious plant being precious to something else, too!

    Can’t believe I haven’t been by your blog and site before! It looks awesome—will peek about some more!

    1. Thank you so much! The website is not finished. Technology isn’t my favorite thing in the world, but I love the bulbs enough to share them 🙂 cheers!

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