February’s Bulb Give-Away.

February’s bulb will be a lovely,, hardy rain lily. The large Prarie White Rain Lily will be available.

These bulbs are very prolific. …since they adapt well to any type of soil, they happily multiply under the earth as well as reseed. Big seed pods can germinate 20 plus baby bulbs for you. I collect the seeds and share with friends, or plant them back in the earth.

My original ‘stash’ of these heirlooms came from Rockdale, Texas. In the turn of the century, rumor has it that a wealthy doctor’s house had burned. It was left to just fall down…..which it did. Trees, bulbs, and wilderness grew up and engulfed the remains. Through a bit of poison ivy and lots of spiders, I found these bulbs had naturalized under the debris. I wasn’t sure what variety of lilies were, but I knew the bulbs were worth the save.

If you are interested in having your own heirloom Prarie White, then please email me a small story of your own garden. 🙂 Send $5 shipping and handling to :

Heirloom Bulb Girl c/o 705 East Ellis Llano Texas 78643

I have some January bulbs still available, if still interested.

Happy Gardening! I look forward to sharing with you this year.



2 thoughts on “February’s Bulb Give-Away.”

  1. Keenan- thank you so much I received my box of delights Thursday and am thrilled! Thank you so much for your generosity. Looking forward to following and sharing with you!

    1. Annie, I am so happy you are pleased! Old bulbs are like no other. ….always a unique part of the garden. Take care and Happy Gardening! Keenan

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