Heirloom Garlic



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There are few plants in the garden as whimsical as an Allium. Somehow, the large sphere of pale purple stands proudly above the other flowers, as it catches every eye that passes. Allium is a family of bulbs that contain countless varieties of onion and garlic. Most of the bulbs sport one thing in common….an eye catching unique flower head like a fireworks display in your garden.
This variety of Heirloom Garlic came from an old homestead in Tow, Texas. The children and I were driving through (always bulb hunting) when we saw the purple heads under a tree. The neighbors provided the shovels and we all dug together. This bulb has been a prized addition to my garden ever since.
These bulbs are quite hardy, surviving hot, Texas summers with little attention. The bulbs multiply, as garlic does, and the purple heads make great dried flowers.


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