Tropical White Spider Lily


Ahhhhhh, the Tropical White Rain Lily. This gorgeous, exotic bulb stopped me in my tracks as I drove home from my In-laws’ house a few years back. I knocked on the door, and was given a beautiful start to these mammoth flowers. Tropical White Spiders are some of the largest bulbs I collect. The bulbs are easily the size of small watermelons, and yes….I did break a shovel while digging a start of these bulbs.

I find that these bulbs prefer some afternoon shading during bloom season. A nice, soaking rain in the summer will give you a fireworks display of white, spider-like flowers.


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The gorgeous Tropical White Spider Lily is truly a sight to behold. In the heat of summer, these lilies shine after a nice rain. Each spider-like flower is larger than my hand, and each stem will proudly display numerous flowers. A must have for any Southern Garden.