“Preserving the past to create gardens with a story”

Gardens have changed.
The days of quick color have overtaken the charm of naturalist gardens of the past.  Heirloom bulbs are my passion and my story. For every bulb I find and rescue,  I have a deep rooted pleasure in preserving it’s past for years to come. Many of these bulbs have been rescued from bulldozers, torn down houses, rubble and engulfing weeds. I have also made many friendships with elderly gardeners who have graciously shared their own heirloom bulbs and stories. Many of these bulbs have outlived their original care takers, and I am pleased to share these beauties with you.
Each bulb has a story.
I hope you enjoy browsing the pictures of these heirloom bulbs,  and that you will create your own garden with a story.

To Order Heirloom Bulbs, please email heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com

One of the few infallible rules of gardening is that no garden can have too many bulbs. Splurge. It is the only way.
-Anna Pavord-