Feeling refreshed in the Rain

Is there anything more calming than sitting on your front porch listening to the rain? The big live oaks are rustling, and the sound reminds me of the mountains. The weather is crisp and the birds are rejoicing with the drops of rain. Actually, I think every rancher and farmer in our area is rejoicing as well. We haven’t had rain since October. Everything is “bone dry”, as my Mother-in-Law says.

I’ve been watering the gardens to keep things alive. Some seasons are like that. The Bible says that the ant is one of the wisest creatures ever created. The ant spends it’s time focusing on what it will need in the winter. It works hard, collecting food, so it can relax when the weather turns cold. Lately I’ve tried to focus hard on improving soil conditions and retaining water. Not very glorious, but I am slowly reaping the benefits.

I received a small little mulcher/mower that has a detachable bag. Some days, I mow the bad weeks and collect all the seeds and stickers. Other days, I mow the beautiful grass and put on the compost piles as nitrogen. My favorite days are the mulching of old leaves. I’m grateful that people are bringing me bags of leaves. Mulched leaves is a perfect top dressing for the garden. At the end of the year, simply turn under. I’m not blessed with an endless bank account, so I have to be crafty. Creating something out of nothing is my Forte. ….plus, it’s fun to watch your handiwork.

This week, I have some Abelia and Bridal white spread to put in the ground. I’m nurturing some Lady Yellow banks roses and Desert Willow trees from the drought/freeze/drought/freeze/drought cycle. So far, I only lost two roses. One rose bush is hanging on for dear life. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Have a wonderful day, my friends! Happy Gardening!