A Community Garden

We broke ground on the Community Garden. Honestly, I have not felt that elated in a long time. It’s strange watching God take charge of the gardens…..amazing things happen.

Imagine if you were a single parent and lived on a very small government check. You lived in complete poverty. You also have a mentally handicapped adult daughter, who is also an abuse survivor. You walk to get anything you need, because you do not own a car. You cannot hold a job because of your circumstances and mental capacities. Fresh food is simply not an option. Fresh vegetables are too expensive for you to afford.

Enter The Garden Project and The Community Garden.

You are payed an hourly wage (which is actually higher than minimum wage) to care for a garden. You receive the physical  and emotional benefits of digging in the earth. You receive the joy of earning money, while working hard. You will grow fresh food to eat, and to share with others.

Truly, nothing has made me happier than handing over their hard earned money. An investment into the lives of those who will benefit from the garden. Fresh fruits and vegetables to eat, while doing something to make the world a better place.

The Community Garden is part of a local Feed the Need project. So excited for the upcoming season.

All proceeds of  heirloom bulbs, sold by donation on this website, go back into The Garden Project. All bulbs sold help pay for these lovely garden helpers. I am not a technology-driven girl. Many bulbs are not even on the store page. No PayPal. Its just the old-fashioned way of commerce. Email me what you’d like…..


It’s winter here. Not a good time to ship out southern bulbs. When the weather enters Spring, bulb shipments will resume.

Happy Gardening, my friends.