A Frozen Winter Wonderland


So. Much. Ice.

I’m sitting inside, staring out the frozen landscape of the outside. I really don’t even know what day of the week it is. We haven’t been able to do much except eat, so I’ve packed on atleast 5 pounds. Fortunately, we are in the 1% of Texans who have water and electricity. Hot water arrived yesterday, so now I can take a shower and assess the damage of hacking at my hair with my gardening shears. It’s a miracle I didn’t destroy my whole head of hair…..It is just what I do at times like this.

This storm has been unreal. I’m beyond thankful for my winterized chicken coop. My chickens would not have survived. On a positive note, my pigeons are so excited about the fresh hay and heat lamps, they decided to lay an egg. Apparantly, nothing warms the home fires than survival mode in freezing temperatures!!

As for my beautiful gardens, it is too early to tell which cherished southern bulbs have been lost. 🙁 I’m concerned about the Dwarf Crinum, which is not deep-freeze hardy. I lost most of my collection about 5 years ago in a hard freeze. I am crossing my fingers that these beloved bulbs pull through. The only saving grace would be that it sleeted first, covering the earth with a layer of solid ice. This ice might have protected the ground from the harsh temperatures that were to come.

So far, the Oxbloods, Crinum, Paoerwhites, Sternbergia and Spider Lilies are still green under the snow and ice. The Daffodils were in the process of blooming, so their lovely little happy faces are now hanging low, covered in a think layer of ice. Honestly, there is nothing we can do to warm things up. Just sit and wait. Heirloom bulbs are tough. They have seen ice storms before, and they will see ice storms again. I’m extremely thankful the old Live Oak trees have not sustained any damage. That, in itself, is reason to be on my knees in prayer of thanksgiving.

I’m praying for all of you out there. Keep your spirits up and stay strong. If you are without power or water…..hang in there. The worst is behind us. The sun is supposed to come out in a few days, and the great thaw will begin.