A Garden Path to Nowhere

Garden paths are an important part of any garden.  I’ve begun to move the rocks and stepping stones to the new gardens.  I figured that if I am going to move the entire garden from the flooded house, the rocks should come too. Rocks are actually points of interest in a garden. Each rock is unique in itself. Rocks are also a great way to showcase special plants or outline areas where bulbs are dormant. My favorite use of rocks, however, is in a stepping stone pathway.

There are two kinds of gardeners…….the maticulous and organized gardener (not me), and the ‘fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants’ gardener (me). If you fall into the first group, then go right now and buy Garden Pathways at Home Depot. The book of exact detail will offset  the sheer garden horror you are about to read…… complete garden chaos. Literally, a garden path to nowhere.

My husband moved the large birdbath a few days ago, and I started planting Iris and Oxalis around it. I decided the birdbath garden also needed a stepping stone pathway.  I started moving the large flat stones from the flooded house gardens. Geez…..why do rocks have to be so heavy???? I can move about ten rocks at a time, carrying one flat rock at a time. Then a few days will go by, and I will come back and move ten more rocks. See what I mean? Garden chaos……

The new little stepping stone path has started. It is halfway around the birdbath garden. I’m not sure where it will lead. Perhaps, that is part of the fun for gardeners like me. Gardening is a journey. The wonderful part about stepping stone pathways is that if I want a new path, I can  simply change the path. Stepping stones aren’t sealed in concrete, so the path is maliable…..kind of like the way we should be.

A garden path to nowhere.resembles many of our lives. Sometimes, there is no firm direction on which way to turn. But somehow, if the entire little path was finished in a day, we would miss all the fun of building the path.

Creating a new direction.

Following the Pathmaker’s guidance and prompting.

Enjoying the peace of laying down one stone at a time.

Letting go of perfection.

Focusing on what stone I can add today, and refusing to worry about the entire path.

A garden path to nowhere actually becomes a beautiful analogy of life….but ofcourse, that is the Lord. He makes all things beautiful in His timing.

Happy Gardening, My Friends. Remember, your path doesn’t have to be clearly defined to be enjoyable. A stepping stone path is just one rock at a time. Enjoy the journey. Enjoy your path…..even if, for today, it looks as if the path leads to nowhere.