A Garden Sanctuary

I need a sanctuary…..

Between politics, enviromental woes and social issues, one can get completely overwhelmed. Honestly……where is the peace?

A garden is a sanctuary for the burdened heart, the stressed-out soul, the tired and lonely ones who simply see no hope. There is a natural progression of season change that reminds each of us that “this too will pass”.

A garden is a safe place. A place of peace. A place of doubt free beauty. A place to be rejuvenated and a place of rest. Studies actually prove the mind and soul of a person actually improve while in the garden.

A garden is a place of hope. Watching things grow is very spiritual…..the growth from seed to flower is nothing short of miraculous. So many of life’s lessons can be learned while tending a garden.

A garden is therapy. Few places on earth nourish the soul as the garden. No words can describe the sense of intrinsic beauty one feels while in the garden.

A garden sanctuary awaits…….

Happy Gardening, my friends.