A Great Spider Lily Dig

Bulb hunting is an art in itself, but to find an enormous stash of Spider Lilies…..that is just magical!!!

I’m not quite sure how I received the ability to recognize bulb foliage, while driving a car down a highway, but somehow, I do. I also don’t know why I don’t have any fear of walking through an old, run down neighborhood,  talking to strangers about the neighborhood’s abandoned house, or the bulbs that their Great-Grandmother brought back from Germany. Somehow, bulb hunting is in my blood….much to my Mother’s horror.

A few days ago, I hit the Spider Lily jackpot of all bulb hunting digs. The words “Sure, you can dig. We don’t care.” was music to my ears. I dug up only a few old clumps, not to be greedy. I literally had to FORCE myself to stop digging and walk away from the rest of the countless bulbs. Each clump containing eighty old bulbs. It was truly unbelievable. Old clumps like this are well established, but in desparate need of space. Judging from the size of the bulbs, and the placement of the  clumps, it looks like the bulbs are easily 75 years old. Also, I am quite sure these bulbs have also resseded. I have old Spider Lily and Oxblood Lily bulbs that have resseded, so I know that is a possibility.

Yesterday, I started planting these beauties at the Agape Haus. I brought over the old bird baths from the flooded house, and placed one in an empty space in front of the large studio window. I’m now filling the entire open space with Spider Lilies. I will sow Larkspur and Poppies in the ground as well, so the Spring should be lovely while the Spider Lilies continue to grow and establish themselves in their new home.

Ofcourse, a day isn’t complete without visiting the old flooded house gardens. I dug up more Oxalis, and pulled up about ten large, flat stepping stones. I  placed  the stones strategically around the new bulb gardens at the Agape Haus. There is too much to do is one big haul, but I can do a little every day. The old African saying holds true…….”How do you eat an elephant? One little bite at a time.”

It has been a great few days. My weariness of the situation has subsided…..at least, for today. I have my eyes fixed on Spider Lilies, which I will have plenty to share. Simply email your interest to me at heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com. I don’t ‘sell’ these bulbs in a traditional way….it is all by donation. All proceeds go to the Garden Project, helping teens with special needs work the gardens. Really, just a labor of love of saving these old bulbs, while investing in our future young gardeners.

For more pictures, check out Heirloombulbgirl on Facebook or Instagram. I haven’t figured out how to load current pictures onto this site yet…..my time in the dirt is just too precious to sit down and figure out technology.

Happy Gardening, my spider-bulb-loving friends!