A Hidden Path

It’s not often that I unearth a hidden path. Honestly, I was so ridiculously excited, it was as if I were an archeologist unearthing the next greatest find in the history of the modern world. It was pure elation over just a small brick pathway.

I started a new circular garden in front of my potting shed. I made plans for a beautiful Lavender garden, and I was ‘going to town’  digging with a purpose. I got about about half finished when my shovel hit rock. It’s not unusual to hit granite “out-croppings” on the old lot, but I REALLY wanted to plant that Lavender……. so I kept on digging to find the edge of the rock. Instead of an end to a rock, I found was an adorable little brick path.

Finding an old garden path buried under the dirt is like finding a chunk of gold where you’d least expect it. The path perfectly splits the new circle garden, and leads to a little cement sitting area. I imagine a garden bistro set, to sit and breathe in the Lavender and Antique Roses.

Garden paths are symbolic of days long gone. At one time, someone put the time and energy into creating a little path. People valued things differently in the “good old days.” Garden paths were not uncommon, and ordinary people, not just Master Gardeners, spent time creating magical gardens.

I’m not really sure when or why the change happened. Somehow, our society stopped  valuing natural beauty, and spending time outdoors. We have become so driven that we lost touch with the simple things….like creating a little pathway through a garden.

My childhood home in Montana looked like an average little house. A simple little home, until you visited the backyard. My home had a beautiful oasis of trees, flowering shrubs, bulbs, elderberry bushes and peonies. A quaint brick pathway lead you through the magical garden to an enchanting little play house. I truly think I am a day-dreaming gardener because of my childhood home. The gardens shaped the way I perceive life. Bigger was not always better. My Montana childhood was all about the natural beauty.

I have salvaged some old bricks, and have plans to expand the little path as soon as I find it’s end. Until then, I will relish in the understanding that someone, long ago, took the time and energy to create a beautiful garden with this hidden little path. Times were simple and little brick pathways were plentiful.

Happy Gardening, my friends. May all your hidden little pathways lead you to a beautiful garden oasis.