A Morning To Sip and Savor A Cup That Runneth Over

Each day, I fill up my cup, and it usually runneth over. Typically, my cup runneth all over my jeans, as I drive frantically to my next destination, about 5 minutes late.

That’s me…..coffee stained jeans, music in my head and hands in the dirt.

This past weekend was our town’s annual Fiddle Fest. A weekend packed full of students, performances, professional fiddlers and late night jams. If you’ve never seen a great Texas Fiddler, it is a sound that is unique to itself. My favorite Texas Fiddler is Marty Elmore, who taught me how to fiddle. Marty told me, a snotty, know-it-all Classical Violinist, “I don’t care who you are or what you know. If you want to learn how to fiddle from me, we are starting at the bottom.” It was music to my ears!!! Bring it on!!! There are many videos of Marty and I jamming on YouTube. High energy fiddle playing and totally fun. Texas Fiddle is definately one of my favorite things to do when I’m not digging heirloom bulbs.

While I was off doing the music thing, my daughter, Grace, was in charge of the Heirloombulbgirl Bulb Booth at our town’s annual Master Gardener Plant Show. I was up at 5 am on the day of the Fiddle Contest, sorting flower bulbs with dirt flying everywhere, because  honestly “Why do today what you can put off til tomorrow?” My husband just laughed at the entire ludicrousness of my overflowing cup.

So today, I have a rare moment to simply “sip and savor” all the beauty God has given to me.  I am going to do nothing that’s important or pressing. I am going to take time to survey my gardens, and ponder about what flower I will blog about tomorrow morning. I’m going to fill my cup and sip quietly…..

I have paint and old pickets from a fence that will soon become plant markers. I have some weeds to pull and some Milkweed, Echinacea, Iris and Antique Roses to plant.

Life is full, and my cup of life runneth over. I don’t have fame or fortune, nor am I gifted with diamonds or fancy cars. I just have a bunch of flowers, children, a husband and an old violin that keeps my soul alive.

Happy Gardening, my friends. May your cup be full….not with the things money can buy, but things that make your heart sing with joy.


*Money does buy flowers. Flowers make me happy….so maybe money DOES buy happiness?*  🙂