A Perfectly Wonderful Garden Dig

It was a beautiful day.


An absolutely perfectly wonderful day.

Gardeners from all over Texas showed up bright and early, and collectively dug in the gardens. It was beautiful. Friends were made. A few tears, but not many. There was much joy in the moment of bulb hunting and sharing.

Each gardener went home with a bag stuffed full of Heirloom Bulbs…..Cemetary Iris (both purple and white), Oxblood Lilies, Paperwhites, unknown Narcissus, Daylilies, Amarylis, Star of Bethlehem, Grape Hyacinth, Heirloom Garlics and Onions, Old Chives and some fabulously old Crinum. All for free.

Some have wondered why I bother with spending my time working on a website, digging and salvaging costly heirloom bulbs, and blogging at 5 30 am each morning…..just to give these lovelies away. Honestly, it’s not much of a business model of excellence!!!!

My thought is quite simple….One really doesn’t “own” an Heirloom Flower. I’m just the care taker.

I’ve been fortunate to have an eye that spots bulb foliage in weird places. I have a personality that will jump a fence and rip my jeans to save it. How can one put a price tag on that?!

So, I will continue down the giving highway. Donations that come in pay for The Garden Project, a program that hires and pays garden mentors, and at risk and special needs teens and adults to work the gardens. It’s beautiful. The bulbs help provide mentmentfinancialasl health and financial benefits to those who need it most…..mainly me. 🙂

I can’t take credit for this sweet little bulb project……the Lord has driven the ship. I’m just the willing sailor who digs when He says “Just Keep Digging.”

Happy Bulbing, my friends. Just Keep Digging.