A Quick Catch-Up in the Gardens

Springtime is weed-pulling time. There is no way other way around it. If you have a garden, then get ready to pull weeds. There are many different ways to pull weeds…quick, in-between work weed-pulling, deep in thought weed-pulling, frantic weed-pulling, overwhelmed weed-pulling and (my favorite)….”Will I ever be through?” weed-pulling. Every single day, I pull weeds…..which is why I am so far behind on blogging.

With all the weed-pulling, I’ve been able to “get down and dirty” with the compost piles. I have a three pile compost in the back of the native garden, and two more piles that have been started in the last few weeks. I’ve been flipping compost, raking in the chicken coop hay and stirring in dried leaves. The compost is finally looking like it is doing what it is supposed to do….compost. Not just sit there, dry and unengaged, like my compost failure a few years back.

I’ve also been chopping down the jungle of 4 O’clocks in front of the studio…..I can’t believe how big those tubers are. If a plant was a glutton, then it’d be a 4 O’clock. Prolific seeds everywhere, multiplying like rabbits, and ridiculously large tubers. Some people actually find these minor gluttonous flaws unforgivable. As for me, I just pull the overwhelming ones, and enjoy the rest. Note to self….pull up the seedlings early on or you will break your shovel in digging them out later.

I have an enormous list of garden chores that I “have” to do, which I wrote down in my journal early this morning. I’m writing it down here to hold myself accountable. That way, if I find myself bored, which never happens in a garden, I have a list of jobs to get busy on. As my Father-in-Law always says….”Want to hear a joke? Get back to work.”

*move Salvia

*move native grapevines

*start compost pile #4 and set up the T-posts and pallets

*start digging up more Oxblood Lily clumps and divide. I received a wonderful order from the director of the Antonio Botanical Garden for 200 Oxblood Lilies. Just 4 clumps provided all 200 bulbs…..they definately need to be separated!!

*relocate Paperwhites to around the Peach Trees. Move baby Peach Trees to containers for give-away.

*Continue moving Crinum to the fence line.

*Continue digging up 4 O’clocks

*Paint/Prime Chicken Coop, and choose a softer pale color instead of the angry-bird red.

And that’s enough to keep me out of trouble. I will have Oxblooods available for anyone who would like some. Email heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com for more info. I’ve missed you. Late Spring is full of so many little garden chores. Keep your eyes on the prize…veggies, flower bouquets and beautiful, relaxing strolls through your little slice of heaven on earth.

Happy Gardening, my friends!!