A Quiet Place

Let’s face it……..Quiet moments are hard to find. Mornings can be rushed. The phone takes over. Before  I know it, Pintrist and Instagram have just sucked me in to the magical place I call Adult Dreamland. I recently was given a book Meeting God in Quiet Places by F. LaGard Smith…….A beautiful devotional about savoring the Quiet.

I usually sit at the kitchen table in the mornings. I drink my coffee and plan my day. My mornings were kind of quiet……but my soul longs to be outside. My gardens are in the front….morning sun. Beautiful, but too hot to write. The backyard, well……….

The backyard was just gross.

Our backyard has always been the awkward place of our home. Our Lab loves it…..and manages to destroy any cool plant i try to decorate the yard with. Dogs are so unappreciative!  The backyard deck is also an awkward design of the previous builders…..having the only entrance to the backyard off our bedroom. I’ve tried many times to beautify to barren, but nothing ever takes hold.

But……..In spite of the yard’s complete awkwardness,  the trees in the backyard are fantastic!!!! Birds everywhere. Shade and dappled sunlight throughout the hot Texas heat. A perfect place to gaze at the backside of my gardens, under the large shade tree listening to the birds. Perfect. ……except it was still gross and barren. Time to get started!

I hauled a bunch of rustic benches I had around to the back deck. I placed all my potted plants and succulents on them. My cute little red bistro set was also moved around back. Next will be birdbaths, bird feeders and anything up off the ground that my Lab can’t destroy.

I have made a sitting area for my morning coffee and writing. I created a sanctuary for my potted plants, which were all struggling in the heat.  I actually could think and ponder, as I listened to the birds. I savored the morning coffee as I sat in my unfinished quiet place.

Where is your Quiet Place? Where do you retreat to? Where are your quiet moments spent?

I find it interesting how God speaks through the Quiet…..In fact, we are closer to the Lord in the garden than any other place on earth.

Happy gardening, my friends. May you find your quiet moments refreshing.