A Season of Quiet

I’ve been quiet for many months.

I hadn’t planned on being quiet, it just happened. I had no words to write. No thoughts to convey. I really didn’t even have moments to spend “surveying”…..

A Season of Quiet.

My dear friend Sandy asked me when I was going update the blog . She looked at me with the look only she knows how to give and simply said “December?? You haven’t written since December? I know because I’ve been checking!!!”

Ouch. Has it really been that long?

There’s no other explanation than it was just a time without words.

A Season.

Let’s face it. We all have Seasons. I used to hate that phrase. I’d hear people say “It’s just a Season”, as if being told you were in some type of invisible growing pattern, you would magically feel better. But apparantly, that’s just what I had….A Season of Quiet.

Many times, I tried to fight through the struggle. I’d sit and wonder where all my words went. Where were my thoughts? Where were my lovely gardens that used to speak to me so fondly? In the absense of words, I realized that it was me who had changed….The words were still there, they were just lost. Through the flood, I had gone through something substantial, and I have spent the year on recovery-mode. Most days, I couldn’t even remember how to tie my shoes, let alone find words to write in a blog. I spent the year frantically moving my gardens, while being busy every single moment of every single day. No wonder why I had no words to write!!

It was just a Season.

The sun has come out and the bulbs are blooming. I am sitting in a wonderful, comphy chair there some dear folks donated to us, and my words are beginning to be found.

As always, I am extremely grateful for each of you who take the time to read this little blog about heirloom bulbs. I am grateful for you.

Happy Gardening, my friends.