A Short and Simple Guide to Finding Peace

Finding Peace.

Step One…..Grow Sunflowers. If you don’t have a garden, start one. If you don’t have land, find a community plot. If you don’t have access to anything, get a succulent and skip to Step Three.

Step Two…..Watch your young flowers grow. Get outside and turn the TV off. Nurture and think about something that is not of your own thoughts or your own self. Watch simplicity happen. Make quiet a habit.

Step Three….Cut a flower bouquet, or buy a beautiful bouquet from your local market. Place bouquet on your table and eat by candlelight. Take time to actually nurture the quiet, the beautiful and the calm. Be grateful. Take some time off from solving the world’s problems. Heal your soul from the chaos clouding your heart.

Step Four….Take care and nurture your “Sphere of Influence”. Those closest to you. Your inner circle. Your tribe. Those you care for. They need to find peace too. The woes of humanity are never healed with anxious, frazzled, chaotic hearts.

Find peace and help others do the same. Happy Gardening, dear friends.