A Year For Giving Back with FREE Oxblood Lilies

Free Oxblood Lilies? This must sound completely crazy, and it probably is……

I’ve decided 2020 will be the year to give back. A year of renewal. A year to start over. A year to make new. A year to create beauty within the barren.

There is no other heirloom bulb that signifies renewal more than the Oxblood Lily. The strength of this bulb is untouched by any other flower bulb. The qualities of this heirloom flower are totally amazing…..sheer endurance, will-power and fortitude. An Oxblood Lily is a survivor. This flower bulb blooms just once a year, and spends the rest of the growing season preparing for the next year’s bloom by vigorously growing greenery and producing offshoots.

I am always amazed when I find old Oxbloods growing in the most deplorable conditions. I’ve seen Oxbloods growing (and thriving) in clods of cement after their “once-was” house had been torn down. I’ve seen Oxbloods bull-dozed down, cut to the core and completely rejuvinate themselves from within. I’ve seen Oxblood bulbs accidentally dropped and forgotten in my own garden, and somehow they manage to continue to grow and bloom….inspite of being planted.

The Oxblood Lily is what originally drew me in with my intense love of rescuing these old bulbs. There is no other bulb that symbolizes the power of the human spirit….through good times and bad times. The Oxblood Lily is truly a gift to humanity.

To receive your free Oxblood, please email me at Heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com

Tell me a little about your gardens. I love to know where my bulb-babies are going to grow. 🙂 If you have a school project, or a special friend that you’d like to give one to as well, please let me know.

Send $5.00 shipping and handling and your address to Keenan Fletcher

109 Llano Oaks Drive Llano, Texas 78643