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“A glimpse of the past”

Imagine the days of simplicity, the days when gardeners shared their treasures with each other. Heirloom Bulbs are a glimpse of the past with each bulb containing a rich heritage and story. Heirloom bulbs thrive for many generations, often in harsh or abandoned conditions. Heirloom bulbs require very little maintenance. Drought hardy are virtually pest free, even new gardeners find it an impossible task to kill an heirloom bulb. Simply plant your bulbs and let nature do the rest

As a child, I formed an unlikely friendship with an elderly Rabbi and his wife. I spent hours in their rose gardens. It was truly a magical place, full of imagination,  wildlife, beauty and stories. Many of their roses came from original clippings from their family. Roots run deep with gardeners.  Rabbi and Mrs Horowitz  taught me about the importance of preserving the past, having a passion for flowers, and having gardens with a story.

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One of the few infallible rules of gardening is that no garden can have too many bulbs. Splurge. It is the only way.
-Anna Pavord-