All That Really Matters Remained

It’s been exactly one year since the catastrophic flood hit our little town. Our house was consumed with 7 feet of water in a matter of minutes. We became another set of faces at the Red Cross. We wore borrowed clothing and a good friend bought us underware….we had nothing. We stood in the pouring rain, and realized life as we knew it was changed.

Over the next few hours, we were swept up in a wave of overwhelming love and concern. Our emotional needs were met beyond all expectations. If only people could experience the outpouring of kindness that we experienced, but without the whole “natural disaster” part.  Our lives were never the same. Our friends and family stepped into a muddy muck of the situation and walked lovingly beside us.

As the waters receded, the only thing that remained beside the river was a cross. A plain, wooden cross. The water engulfed everything in its’ path, including Metal boat ramps, docks, vans and bridges. All that remained was the wooden cross.

God has a way of giving hope to those who believe. In fact, Hope in the Lord is really the only thing that truly matters….

Hope that the situation will be ok.

Hope that your family is safe.

Hope that somehow, you will come out on the other side of the tragedy with a smile.

Hope that even though your faith is tested, your belief in God is unwavering.

Hope that beyond all things, God is still in the midst…..

I’m not going to say this road has been easy. Losing “everything” is a journey in itself….atleast we mastered the Japanes art of minimizing!!  I have good days and not good days. I poured myself into salvaging the gardens, and I am grateful for all of you, my flower friends, who have loved and supported the Bulb Dig. You gave the flooded gardens a chance to bloom again.

It’s been quite a year. All that remained that day was a cross….and really, it is all that truly matters.