And Just Like That, I Have a “Store”

A store can be lots of things….a massive warehouse or a child’s collection of broken bits of china at a burned-out mountain cabin. In my case, my new “store” is a few benches and table outside the Agape Haus. I’ve been wanting to have my heirloom bulbs more readily available to folks. Since I am a violinist by trade, and bulb-hunter by passion, I don’t always have time to dig when people come by for a visit.

When I first started this little website, I thought that I might be lured into the 21st century…..nope. E-commerce is simply not for me. When I write, I actually imagine that I am talking to a fellow gardener on the other side of this screen. To me, this site is just old-time flower-sharing. You and I are standing across an old garden fence, and we are sharing stories. You’ve given me your family heirloom bulbs, garden books from your collection after mine were destroyed, beautiful cards and kind words. Most of you I have never even seen face to face….but I still would call you friends.

I’ve started a little area where bulbs will be available by donation. All proceeds go back into the Garden Project. If you are in town, or plan to come to the Hill Country and look around, please come by and say hi. If I am in lessons, please feel free to wander the gardens, which are always in a delicate balance between absolute breath-taking flower blooms and an ever-changing state of chaos. By the way, if you find my shovel, which I leave all over the place, please put it in the potting shed. 🙂

All potted up bulbs are $5 each. Currently, I have Sternbergia, Oxbloods, Spider Lilies and Iris all potted up and ready for a voyage to new gardens. Tomorrow, I’m potting up Pink Rain lilies, Crinum Juveniles, Pink and White Oxalis and maybe some Daylilies.

Life is sweeter with friends…..especially gardening friends. Email me if you are on the lookout for another heirloom. If I don’t have it, I know a few good bulb sources.

Happy Gardening, my friends!