And the Rain Keeps Falling


And the rain keeps falling.

Schools are being closed due to flooding. Before living in the Hill Country, I really had no idea what a flash flood meant. After experiencing the 24 foot ‘wave of water’ that came down our river,  I now have a lot of respect for water.

The power of water is insane. With rain, our gardens flourish. Without rain, our gardens struggle. But, too much of a good thing can be devastating to the garden. Ironically, I had just potted up some beautiful Fall Violets……which were short lived. I found the Violets floating in a big pile of muck amidst the flooded waters. Even the newly planted Iris were floating. Gardening is definately NOT for the control freak!!!

So, back to the drawing board for Fall color.

Although my gardens are soggy, my chickens are a muddy mess, my dogs haven’t relieved themselves in 12 hours and my floors look like a construction zone…..I am still grateful for this rain. Our drought has ended. It is the end to a parched summer heat wave, when I wondered if it would ever rain again.

Happy (rainy day) Gardening, my friends.