Flowers Fade

It’s never easy to watch flowers fade. In fact, it’s hard to watch anything fade.

The gardens at our first house were something to behold. The Dallas Morning News even did a three page article  on our gardens. I was a full-time Mom of three babes, so we spent most of our time outside exploring and digging.  My favorite part of the garden was the enormous Passion Vine that grew over a rustic cedar fence..The vine was nestled in between four antique roses, near a beautiful pecan tree. Under the pecan tree was a garden jam-packed full of natives. I’m quite sure every type of flying creature imaginable visited our garden.

The Passion Vine was home to hundreds, if not thousands of baby butterflies. The vine was lovingly planted for my children to watch the cycle of life. Neighborhood children came and were entranced with the display. Seeds were saved. Flowers were picked. Imaginations grew.

I returned to the gardens a few years back. I found an emptiness I hadn’t expected……the gardens had been removed.

It was so hard to look upon the emptiness. What once had life was now void……

Void of life.

Void of expression.

Void of nature.


The flowers in the gardens did fade. The days and memories of the gardens are left only in my mind.  I felt my heart break for all of the work I had done. What about my vine? Where did the butterflies go? What about my antique roses? The little wild things?  What about all the caterpillars?

Then, the Lord spoke.

“The grass withers. The flowers fade. But the Word of God stands forever.”

The gardens had been a place that nurtured relationships.

The gardens brought people together, and friendships developed.

The gardens gave children experiences, memories, and a deep value in nature.

The gardens became a place a peace and prayer.

Flowers fade. I suppose all things do. Memories are deeply rooted.  Few things in this world we can hold on to forever……relationships with those we love, and the Word of God. Time spent in the garden was not all lost.  As the flowers fade, as they always do, God’s handiwork through the garden lasts a lifetime.