“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Tonight will be the first hard freeze of the year. Baby, It’s Cold Outside!!

Protection for your Heirloom Bulbs is fairly simple…..they prefer the natural way. Not a lot of fussing and fretting is necessary over these old charmers. Most of these old bulbs have already experienced many freezes…. probably more than you and I have been alive. Heirlooms are tough. There are few things you want to avoid though…..take it from me, I’ve killed many a bulb by loving them to death!

First, do not leave bulbs outside while soaking their roots in water. The frozen water will kill the bulbs. The soil actually protects the bulb from the winter chill. Bring bulbs inside or get the bare-rooted bulbs in the ground fast!

Second, do not keep bulbs in plastic or terracotta pots outside. Again, the above ground air temperature is colder than under the ground. This is very important. Many people put bulbs in pots while deciding where to plant them. Do not let temperatures fall below 40 degrees…..you run the risk of losing your bulbs.  I’ve lost many bulbs because I forgot them in pots. There truly is nothing sadder for the bulb gardener.

Most Heirloom bulbs will continue to thrive in winter. Different bulbs thrive in different seasons. Summer bulbs will be comfortably sleeping until Spring. Fall bulbs will be enjoying the cold temperatures as their foliage drinks up nutrients. Winter bulbs are poking their heads up out of the ground, excited to soon show their brilliance. Spring Bulbs will soon begin to wake.

Bulb gardening is some of the most exciting, thrill-seeking, always-a-surprise type of gardening you will ever find.  Bulb lovers never get bored, and bulbs are truly some of the most unique and charming flowers you will ever find. It’s so lovely to enjoy bulbs blooming around every corner….but watch out, bulbing is addictive!

Enjoy each season.

It’s winter now, so take precautions to help your bulbs flourish……’Cause Baby,, It’s Cold Outside!