Faith is Seeing Beauty Beyond the Brown

The earth is dry. Everywhere I look, I see a shade of brown. It is almost impossible to explain to people the “beauty of an heirloom bulb” within the landscape of brown. There is nothing to see, and very little evidence of the vibrant colors awaiting under the earth.

The brown earth is just not convincing of any hidden beauty. I suppose that is what faith is….believing in something that is not seen. Beauty beyond the Brown.

I captured that sweet Rain Lily one afternoon as I was surveying the parched gardens. I wasn’t expecting her to bloom….but there she was. A beautiful pink lily amidst the brown earth.

Faith is like that.

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

Faith is choosing to see the lily, even when she isn’t blooming. Faith is seeing beyond the obvious and clinging to the unseen beauty that we desparately need to believe in. Faith in gardening is vital….

Actually, Faith is vital.

I wouldn’t be able to survive a summer in Texas unless I had faith that Fall was coming. I believe with all assurance that underneath the brown dirt of my gardens, there are Oxblood Lilies, Spider Lilies and Sternbergia just waiting to bloom. Within the brown awaits a gorgeous array of color. The season of brown is fleeting and I have faith that this too shall pass.

So will Covid. So will the riots. So will the financial strains of life. So will the hostility and bickering. It will all pass. I believe with all assurance that the Lord is still mighty and just. I believe in His goodness and I know the landscape of life will change.

Faith is seeing beyond the brown and clinging to the assurance that beauty shall return.

Faith is…….

If you are in a slump, and everywhere you look in life is parched, send me an email… I’d be happy to send you a little bag of Oxblood Lilies at no charge. These lilies are a beautiful symbol of hope. Oxblood Lilies are the first Fall Bulb to bloom after the long summer heat. Simply plant and wait for a nice soaking rain. Let yourself soak in the assurance of a bloom… your life too.

Happy Gardening, My friends!