Being a Surrogate Pigeon Momma

Yet again, I am raising a baby pigeon.

If you’ve never seen a baby pigeon, they are certainly a sight to behold. Perhaps, the ugliest of all babies. Baby pigeons are actually fed “pigeon milk” by both parents, which makes an infant pigeon unable to survive without it’s parents. My new little one is about two weeks old. Intervention at this point is do-able….but completely messy. Baby pigeons are endearing, trusting, innocent to predators and extremely smart….often, they will bond to their surrogate parent for life.

This morning is a busy one. I have kids and workers from The Garden Project coming this morning. We are hoping to beat the rain. I will be feeding Little One every few hours, while planting some prized Antelope Horn Milkweed, and other goodies.

Time is short, and the baby is hungry, so I’m off……Happy Gardening, my friends!


Fun Facts About Pigeons………….

-Pigeons mate for life.

-Pigeons and are one of the few birds to feed “milk” to their babies.

-Pigeons have only 2 babies. Each born 2 days apart. Quite often, the pair will be male and female.

-Pigeons can learn and understand over 60 words.

-Pigeons are one of only four mammals that ‘self realize’ (humans being one of the four)

-Pigeons feel sorrow with the death of a mate, often mourning by cooing and staying by deceased partner, and not eating.

-Pigeons have elaborate problem solving skills

-Pigeons have amazing homing instincts

-Pigeons teach their young everything….even give flying lessons.