Being Rooted

I went to my old tree last night. I needed the serenity and quiet of dusk. As I walked through the tree line, I noticed a lot of my Oxblood Lilies had been uprooted. Apparantly, the chickens had a joyous time scratching things up. Some of the Oxbloods were planted deep. Their roots clung to the earth. Others, that had been planted in the mulch, were tossed around, finally laying on top of the ground….unable to root and grow.

That’s me.

Since the flood, I relate to both the rooted and uprooted bulbs. Lately though,  I have felt the tensions and anxiety of being uprooted….tossed about and unable to plant roots. I have begun to focus on my lack of roots, instead of being rooted.

My roots come from the Lord. In all I do, and in everything I plant… roots come from Him. I am rooted in His strength and His provision, His mercy and His Grace, His calm and His peace.

Lately, I started rooting myself in the shallow ground, much like the mulch around the tree. It seems good and healthy, but it’s not. I began to start my mornings without my Lord….not on purpose, it just happened. I started to gaze at Pintrist, and other social media. I began to feel the effects of being uprooted. I began to feel pressure and anxiety that I didn’t have when my roots were grounded in the Lord. Surface comforts of whatever in the world of Pintrist began to eat at my soul. I slowly started to want more. I was not content in the place where God had me. I was not content in all that was saved and all that has been given. Anxiously, I wanted it all. I wanted my life back as I knew it before the flood. As I wanted, and as I wished….I began to root myself in myself.

It’s been a slow progression for myself and the uprooted bulbs.  Most of the bulbs appeared fine. Occasionally I would walk over to my tree and find a few laying out in the open. I just hadn’t been quiet enough to notice…..

Being rooted in times of drought, flood (or chickens) is really the only way to pass through these seasons of life with grace and peace. Old trees and heirloom bulbs survive hard times because their roots run deep. They root themselves in solid ground and refreshing water. Being rooted, as a person, means roots are found in God alone……The Living Water, The Sustainer of all, The Giver of Life, The Comforter, The Alpha and The Omega, and The Keeper of the Vineyard.

Have you planted roots? Deep roots? Do you have a garden that can face the trials of tomorrow? Roots that can feel during peace during the hard seasons of life?

We all have times of being uprooted….even my beautiful heirloom bulbs. It is then, when I come to the place that is beyond myself. It is then when I become deeply rooted. Life in the garden is so ironic, isn’t it?  One really never knows how deep their roots run or how strong their garden is……until a storm or a drought comes. May you and your lovely garden be deeply rooted this day. If you find you have been uprooted, as I have been, I pray you find a quiet place to find roots. A great place to start is The Gospel of John….and planting a nice, beautiful heirloom bulb.

Happy Gardening, my friends.