Blustery Days

It is 30 degrees, rainy and windy…..Blustery, as Winnie the Pooh would say. I had so many other gardening plans for the day, but unfortunately, the weather holds the trump card. So what should we do on days like today? Certainly not the dishes……

I take time in blustery days to read. How often I find myself with so much to do in the spring garden, that I can’t step back and enjoy the work of my hands. Images of my frantic weed patrol, yanking like a madman, are soothed by a nice, warm fire and an old, garden book. Blustery days become almost like a gift *if* I allow them to be. I have quiet, indoor moments to get focused and centered. I find myself making new garden plans as I daydream. Such beautiful moments to savor…..too bad it won’t be long lived for me. I have chickens!! Come hail, sleet, snow or rain…..chickens call.

So, as I write….I have my little dog curled up to me, nestled in a big fluffy blanket. I have my coffee, and the horrifying realization that I don’t have a car to use today. I will have to walk through this weather to get to the studio, and open up the chickens. Daydreams, garden books and my soothing warm thoughts have been replaced by reality of mud and chickens, in 30 degree rain.

Oh, the joy of garden living…….

Perhaps, later I will upload some more heirloom bulb pictures in the store….as I thaw out.

Enjoy blustery days, my friends. Tomorrow you will be pulling weeds again. 🙂