Bulb Hunting

What an awesome dig.

My Inlaws live in a small town in East Texas. The town was dependent on an Aluminum plant, which has closed. The town also has a lot of poverty and abandoned houses.

Today, I found an abandoned house that was packed full of Oxblood Lilies, Paperwhites……and Pink Spider Lilies!!!!

I found a neighbor, who drove me to the owner’s house. It was hard to see the level of poverty. The children outside went in to ask their Mom about the flowers. After she said I could, I proceeded to break the shovel on the first bulb. I finished digging by using only the top….A tad bit awkward, but we’ll worth it!

I dug up Pink Spiders,, Byzantine Glads, Oxblood and Narcissis.

I am going back to the house, to give the family some money for the bulbs. An unexpected gift for the kindness.