Bulbs for a Children’s Therapy Garden

Few things make me as happy as sharing heirloom bulbs. I usually request “old school” conversation with gardeners about their gardens, so I can imagine each bulb’s new home. Yesterday, I got anotherr request for bulbs for a children’s therapy garden. Apparently, the first batch was a huge hit with the kids.

I have seen, firsthand, the magical response of a young abuse-survivor watching “something beautiful come from something ugly”. This lovely lady had been planting bulbs for about six months. Finally, one day…..a bloom.

“I can’t believe how something so beautiful can grow from something so ugly and damaged…..kind of like me.”

Her words became reason enough for me to continue investing in kids. Her words changed my mission.. Her words changed my website for business into a website to connect gardeners, and donate what I can…..all proceeds going to help support kids like her.

Therapy Gardens are places of peace and restoration. Places of hope and creative imagination. Places of self-reflection and life lessons…..all through planting a seed or a bulb. Watching some grow is healing. So, so many life analogies can be learned in the garden. My favorite part will always be watching the child’s face light up while in a garden…..watching something bloom that they, themselves had planted.

I told the Garden Director to check out the bulbs on my Instagram or Facebook page, and create a “wish-list” for her gardens. She was a tad bit conservative, so I added a few more bulb varieties to her list. 🙂 My “payment”  for the donation will be in the form of Heirloom Leeks. Old-fashioned garden shares for old-fashioned bulbs…….I love it.

Nothing makes me as happy as sharing these heirloom bulbs. Many of these bulbs were rescued from abandoned homes getting torn down. These bulbs have a story. If you have a dream for a children’s garden, I would love to help. Please email me……


Be sure to check out pictures on my Facebook page or Instagram to make your own “wish-list”.

Happy Gardening, my friends!