Bye-Bye Fall… Hello Winter!!

It is a good think Southern Gardeners have a sense of humor. Yesterday, I got sunburned from working in the gardens. Today, it’s practically snowing. What is a gardener to do??


Here are a few winter tips for you lovers of Southern Bulbs. First, never leave bulbs out of the ground, exposed to the elements. As I write this, I am reminded of the countless buckets of bulbs I have randomly laying around the garden. The chickens love the scratch up my bulbs, so I have buckets full bulbs to replant. Heirloom Bulbs are hardy once they are in the ground, but no one likes to freeze….not even bulbs. I’ve learned this the hard way. So if it rumored to freeze, get those bulbs planted or bring them inside.

Southern Heirloom Bulbs also do not enjoy being in a pot outside. Temperatures remain very cold, and the bulbs will also freeze in a pot. Bring the pot inside for safe keeping.

If your flower bulb is on the edge of being freeze hardy, give it a good mulching to protect the bulb. The dwarf crinum must be mulched, and is not freeze hardy. I lost all but four of these crinum bulbs a few years ago from a hard freeze. There is nothing more heart-vreaking in the garden.

Temperatures are cold this week. Snow is in the Panhandle. Stay warm, my friends! Curl up, drink some warm cocoa by the fire and grab a good book. There probably wont be any gardening tomorrow!

Happy Gardening, my friends!