Come Rain or Shine…We Dig!

I was just told about the upcoming forecast for Saturday’s Bulb Dig…..Rain.

Such a drag, but as my friend so eloquently put it…”If you want to make sure it WON’T rain, then cancel the dig. That way, it will ensure beautiful weather and all the gardeners will be grumbling, wishing they could be digging!!!”

So we dig….come rain or come shine.

Here is the following plan for Saturday. I’ve had a lot of gardeners express interest in digging. A lot more than expected. I’ve decided to divide and conquer, to ensure everyone will receive some of the premium bulbs, such as Oxbloods and Crinum. Many gardeners are traveling for hours away. I would hate for them to arrive, with all the Oxbloods gone. Also, there are many little bulbs that actually look like grass…..I don’t  want these insignificant beauties to trampled as everyone races to find their favorite bulb. Maybe I am just speaking for myself. In a bulb hunt, I’d totally be running like a madman in search of my free bulbs!!!!

***** 8 am Gardeners will be divided into different sections of the garden. Each gardener will have specific bulbs to dig. Bulbs that are dug will be organized into groups, until division.

**** When there appears to be a handsome amount of bulbs dug, we will divide everything. Each gardener should have numerous bulbs of each variety. Little bags will be available to label each bulb.

****** Some bulbs are not plentiful in the garden. I’ve already dug certain varieties that I have fewer of. We will draw lots for those particular bulbs (tropical white spider lily, amaryllis, day lily, lady tulip)

It should be a beautiful day….come rain or come shine. By Friday, I should know more about the percentage of rain. *If* it’s going to pour, I will have some pre-bagged bulbs available at my studio. Hopefully we won’t have to cross thgat bridge.

Don’t forget your shovels!!!! See you soon…..607 Flag Creek Drive Llano, Texas

Happy Gardening, my friends!!