Copper Lily Love

Oh, the joy of seeing a little yellow Rain Lily pop up unexpectedly in the garden…..

If you live in Texas, you understand the unbelievable heat that feels unending. July and August are two months that I am going to start planning a vacation to “Anywhere-but-Texas”. I spend my garden time on active water-duty. Not much is flowering, and the primary shade of the landscape is a delightful hue of burnt  brown.

But then a sweet little Copper Lily appears. In a single moment, you remember why you love gardening.

I’m not going to lie…I do struggle with garden depression during the hottest times of the year. I watch my flowers fade and my beloved plants struggle, and I find myself struggling right alongside my gardens. I take my garden struggles to heart, and I am deeply pained when plants die during the summer months. I feel overloaded with the endless “to-do” lists. I feel like a slug if I stay inside, but I am engulfed by the heat if I work in the gardens. I truly need my hands in the dirt to feel balanced, and Summer months are hard on my soul.

Then, just like that, nature has had enough of summer, and sends a delightful reprieve….a Copper Rain Lily.

I am renewed.

My joy is found.

My heart is uplifted.

A smile returns to my face, as I look forward to what surprises might await….

Fill your gardens with joy. Add some surprise lilies and allow your garden to fill your senses with hope. I’m always happy to share anything I have with gardeners…..simply email for more information. It’s going to be a good day.

Happy Gardening, my friends.