Could It Get Any Hotter?

Honestly, 111 degrees just isn’t hot enough…

I am having to literally force myself to stay inside. It is simply too hot to be out. Luckily, Heirloom Bulbs, like Oxblood and Spider Lilies, live beneath the ground. Southern Bulbs are not damaged by this heat. Around this time every year, I start whining about the miserable summer heat. I forget that in less than two months, the Fall rains will come and bring life back to the barren earth. Lilies will bloom and life will, once again, feel refreshed.

But today, it is still hot.

I have begun to dig up my plants that have been struggling, and re-pot them. A few months of shade will do the heat-stressed plants some good. I potted up about 30 random plants this weekend, and made a huge mess on my front porch. The soil stained the beautiful new concrete, so naturally my husband was quite displeased. He doesn’t see the intrinsic value of natural manure and rich,dark compost like I do. Don’t even ask him about the time I spilled an entire bottle of fish emulsion in our car.

Next year, I am going to be much more intentional about composting and mulching the gardens. This past Spring was glorious and I enjoyed every moment I had in the gardens. I created little walkways, and I spent way too much time this year on weed control. I forgot how the heat sneaks up in July. One day it is Summer, and the next day it is Africa hot.

I also bought four old-fashioned sprinklers. I’m moving the sprinklers around and just walk around trouble-shooting. I feel like I am living the quote from Last of the Mohicans, as I tell my flower bulbs “Just stay alive! No matter what, stay alive! I will find you!” The sprinklers have definately helped, freeing me up to pull weeds and nurture the gardens in the early mornings.

Over the next two months, I am in survival mode. I’m taking out the remnants of the veggies, and starting some new seedlings inside the potting shed. I’m also going to keep loving-up on the trees. In Texas, shade is worth more than gold. Big plans for the upcoming seasons, and I just do what I can to stay hydrated.

Happy Gardening, my friends. Drink lots of water when you are out in the heat. Mulch those plants and enjoy the beauty of the cool, early mornings.