“Day to Day” Gets in the Way

Has it really been over a week since I’ve written?

Somehow, “Day to Day” life always gets in the way. The last few weeks have been crazy busy with the end of the year. The “to-do” list is enormous. I end up frazzled, frantically picking up the pieces of life I have missed. Quiet moments to write are simply not available.

Writing is important to me. It’s good for my soul. I get renewed. I dream. I find focus and balance. I pray. After the flood, I stopped writing. I looked at the water-soaked collection of 25 years of books, and I just couldnt’t make myself pick up another pen. Trauma manifests itself differently for different people. For me, I just stopped writing.

That’s when I started  writing in this little blog. I have poured my thoughts out about the gardens, keeping my flood-soaked mind calm. It’s shameful to me that I have been SO BUSY that I haven’t even saved precious time alone to write. That’s when I know life is too busy…….

“Day to Day” gets in the way.

Most of us know this feeling,  in AND out of the garden. Digging outweighs the planting. Weed pulling outweighs the flower gazing. Trouble shooting outweighs the dreaming. There is always something to do. The garden chore list is ever present. But what about the savoring? The peace? The quiet? The soothing moments that are restful? Our society is made up of must-do-the-list kind of people. Rest if for the weak….but is it?

Maybe “Day to Day” shouldn’t always get in the way.

Maybe star gazing, dreaming, writing, renewing and flower picking  SHOULD be on the list as well…..part of every “Day to Day”. Maybe there should never be a day without a little calm and quiet.

So today,,  I sit alone, listening to the early morning rain. I am on my best friend’s front porch, in my old neighborhood where my children were born, enjoying the quiet of renewal. I am going to sit and enjoy doing nothing on a list.  I’m going to allow God’s glorious beauty to wash over me, and be at peace. I’m getting to put things back in order and make sure to write again….with or without a pen.

Maybe “Day to Day” should never, ever get in the way.

Happy Gardening, my friends.