Digging Stones and Planting Seeds

The other day, I was on “rock removal duty” in the gardens. Over the last few years, I have started working on the back gardens at the Agape Haus. I can’t express to you the amount of rock that is in the ground.. Most of the rock is not native to the property. Someone actually took the time to dump beautiful river rock (all sizes) into the earth.. Rumor has it that there used to be a spring near the property. Early pioneers and horse-drawn wagons would stay and rest under the old Live Oak trees as they traveled west. Heirloom Onions can still be found on the grounds from where the pioneers had planted them. Perhaps the rock was placed to cover the spring or fill in the muddy ground? One will never know. It is all very fascinating, but all I know is that I still have enormous amounts of unwanted rock in the gardens.. Some days, in-between violin lessons, I go out to the gardens just to dig.

For rock.

Digging for rock is not really what a gardener wants to do. We want to plant seeds and see pretty things grow. But digging rock out of a barren soil? I have realized something, through all this rock-digging. Planting seeds is the easy part. Creating a garden habitat for the seed to sprout can be the challenge. Some of us have been blessed with great soil and wonderful existing gardens….and some of us are given rocks. It’s not the earth’s fault. It’s just how it is. Some gardens seem too rocky to grow anything….but honestly, are we going to let a little rock get in the way of a beautiful patch of Heirloom bulbs? I think not!

I have begun to enjoy the daily ritual of digging rock out of the earth. I have watched my garden become transformed as I painstakingly remove the unwanted stones. I’ve even created a little path through the gardens for all the river rock I’ve dug out.

“I love your little pathway! Where did you get all your rock?”

“I dug it out of the earth.”


Leave it to my friend, Amy, to always keep me humble with my lofty (crazy) ideas. Yes, I dig rock. A lot of rock. I have really enjoyed watching a rocky, barren land take shape…..so I just keep digging.

There is also something very symbolic of removing stones from the garden. Plants can’t grow in poor rocky soil. If something *does* grow, the plants will not flourish. Rocks wil hold them back and choke out the roots. We all have rocks and stones that have been allowed to be dumped in our own gardens of life. Some seasons are so rocky, it is enough to just get through the day.

I really think God gave me a “rock farm” of a garden just to keep my thoughts focused on Him. Life is not always easy. Rocks happen……but so do beautiful gardens. It is up to us.

Happy Gardening, my friends!