Disneyland Gardens and Stardust Lilies

And just like magic……they appear.

Sometimes I get impatient, and try to fool them with the water hose,  but they always know. They laugh underground.

Then one day, the rains come and wake them from their deep slumber. Voila……a Lily. Just like magic.

Gardening is truly magical. I’m not talking the old hocus-pocus magic. I’m speaking of Stardust. The magic of Disneyland of your childhood. A feeling you get deep inside when you gaze upon something that takes your breath away.

My gardens are a magical wonderland after a rain. Lilies everywhere. Little white Rain Lilies, large pink Rain Lilies, Crinum Lilies, Oxblood Lilies, and Spider Lilies. Different seasons bring different lilies, and I am always in a state of awe.

Gardens with Rain Lilies are full of surprise and wonder. A beautiful display of nature out-doing even herself. A delightful reminder of the way things should be…..beautiful, magical and inspiring. The feeling that Stardust has been sprinkled upon my gardening soul.

Rain Lilies, Crinum, Oxblood and Spider Lilies are quite easy to add to your garden. They are hardy little bulbs….except Crinum. Crinum are hardy BIG bulbs. Simply choose a nice spot and dig. It’s that simple. Finding Lilies for your area can be a bit more of a challenge. Most of these bulbs are Southern Bulbs, and are not easily adaptable for northern gardens…..but you have Peonies, so it’s a trade off :).

Two of my favorite bulb sites are Old House Gardens and Southern Bulb Company. Both companies have excellent bulbs. Old House Gardens also has a nice selection of bulbs for Northern climates.  Heirloombulbgirl also has bulbs for sale, by donation, but on a limited select scale. Check the store for varieties or simply email heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com for questions or to place an order. I’m not a business…..I just want to share the love of flower bulbs with you. I also like to swap bulbs….old-fashioned sharing through modern technology!

Plant your Disneyland Gardens.

Dream big.

Sprinkle a bit of Stardust around as you feel the rain.

One day, you will look outside your window and find that your garden is full of lilies.

Happy Gardening, my friends!