Drainage Problems? No Problem!

“You know, Dad…..Crinum would really help with that drainage problem.”

After two years of jokes, I think I FINALLY have him convinced.

Our area had another hard rain yesterday. Our saturated earth was now turning into a muddy, mucky bog. Pools of murky water lingering about, making life a muddy mess for everyone….except the local ducks.

My parents also have a nice, little bog of their own growing by their garage. Every time it rains, the bog seems to get larger. I remind them about how helpful Crinum are for drainage problems and boggy conditions, but my parents are plant snobs.

“We just don’t want a wild, unkept garden like you have.” (Quizzical look from his daghter)

“I mean, we just don’t like the look of ‘those things’.” (Really?)

“I mean, Mom doesn’t like Crinum.”

So, the delightful, muddy bog continued to grow. Honestly, I am waiting for the ducks to locate the muddy, heavenly bog for their nesting ground.

Finally, yesterday, at 7:56 pm, I received the gardener’s white boggy flag of surrender…..

“I think you could plant some of ‘those Crinum things’ to help with the drainage problems.”

Why yes, Dad. Crinum really will help with the drainage.

Here is the non-official science behind why Crinum bulbs help mud, bogs and other drainage problems…….

First, and most importantly, Crinum love water. Muddy water, standing water, boggy water, rain water or drainage water. Crinum bulbs love it all. The bulb itself is enormous. Some mature Crinum bulbs are the size of large melons. The strappy roots absorb water like a thirsty camel, holding the moisture in the massive foliage.

Second, the roots of a Crinum are unlike any other bulb. Crinum roots have been known to shoot out, like underground tentacles, up to 5 feet around the massive bulb.. Roots like this absorb plenty of water, making the large flowers of the Crinum a sight to behold.

Third, Crinum do not rot in standing water during dormancy. Old Crinum can be found along Texas highways, growing wild in drainage ditches. The mini bulbets get washed away and replanted, taking root in standing water. Carefree and wild, Crinum grow rampant in the most undesirable of all bulb habitat….the bog.

Lastly, Crinum are some of the hardiest of all bulbs. If their was a survival competition between Iris and Crinum, Crinum would definately win every time.. Noth bulbs are heat tolerant, but Iris will rot if they stand in too much water.

Many great reasons to plant Crinum in your drainage-prone areas.

Many people (my parents) ask what to do with the unsightly foliage as the bulbs go dormant. I underplant Oxalis. Pink, little cuties will flower all winter and spring, while your Crinum are hard at work. During the summer, Oxalis goes dormant and rests. The shade from the enormous Crinum protects the Oxalis from the elements. A perfect match for any boggy area.

Drainage problems? No problem! Crinum bulbs are ready to come to your aide!

Feel free to email me at heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com

I always have Crinum to share. You simply pay postage and handling. Beautiful bulbs for beautiful gardeners like you.

Happy Gardening, my friends!