Dream Your Impossible Dreams

I was told once that if a dream isn’t big enough to scare you right out of your shoes, it’s not a big enough dream.

“Buy a run-down, falling-down, holes-in-walls house for violin lessons, then buy the drug-house property next door, tear it down, restore the land and old tree, and plant gardens.” (Even though we had no money to do such a thing)

When you speak the words outloud, it sounds like I must have been crazy. Somehow, the Lord’s knudging was greater than my common sense. I still remember speaking with the bank about obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of the drug house.

“What will you be doing with the property?”

“I am going to tear the house down and create more gardens.”

“Let me get this straight….You want a mortgage for a house you intend to tear down, to create “gardens”?” (Imagine an extra bit of snark when they said the word gardens.)


Somehow, I convinced them to loan me the money to buy the house. It took 2 years to completely rid the property of the disgusting eye soar. First, I donated all the contents to junk hoarders. Next, I donated all the viable wood, electrical and roofing tin to local construction folks. They were kind enough to hook up the dilapitated, stripped house up to a truck, and down she went. I disassembled the house myself, inbetween violin lessons. I remember thinking to myself about the incredible work that lay before me. Quite often, I got frustrated and overwhelmed (I had never disassembled a house before). Most days, I was completely exhausted. It wasn’t easy, but I just kept going. It is hard to explain, but big dreams are just beyond ourselves….fueled by another Source. I now have beautiful gardens where depravity once stood. I have wonderful Garden Helpers that come and help, which provides them a job. God has taken an ugly, disgusting place and has redeemed it for his purpose.

Let’s face it, 2020 was a bit of a challenge. It was quite awful indeed….a completely depraved, horrible year that has closed many off to the optimism of what tomorrow will bring. To me, 2020 looked like the old, ugly, dilapitated drug house….void of all hope. Some days, it took everything to just get through the day. But we did, and now it’s done. A clean, beautiful state ready for gardens.

Dream your beautiful dreams, my friends. Don’t focus on the long, exhausting roads that lay ahead. Plant your gardens and keep your hands in the dirt. Fix your eyes upon Him, who promises to give you the delights of your heart. Remember, all good gifts come from heaven. Dream big, and let’s change the landscape of depravity into one of hope, goodness and beauty.

Happy Gardening, my friends.