Drops of Rain

And then…..it rained.

Just a few drops at first, but I still cried.

It has been a long, unseasonably hot summer. This year, we experienced triple digit temperatures that just about destroyed anything green. The drought has been unending, and creeks, rivers and water wells are going dry. It is so painful to watch.

The people of our little town are mainly ranchers and farmers. Desparation for water is everywhere, and our entire community is on its’s knees in prayer. Ferverant prayer.

Then……a few drops fell from the sky.

It was like the earth breathed a grateful sigh of relief, and hope was restored…..all in a small droplet of rain.

It is funny how gratefulness is found through the tough times in life. Feeling the pain of desparate times makes us so much more grateful for the things we receive…..even just a few drops of rain.