Our drought has officially moved our little town into stage 5 water restrictions.

It’s hard to describe the desperation for water…..

Our town is built around a river. A beautiful pristine, spring fed river is the town’s only water source. The river has stopped flowing over the dam, and we have ’30 days of water left’s.

I have heard stories from around the world about lack of water, but it is different when you live it.

Water……the life source of everything.

Our yard is one of the fortunate places in Llano….low to the underground aquifer. The trees have tapped into the underground source of life, and continue to be green and lush in this time of drought. We also have a well. I have been told that our well was one that people came to during other droughts, to get water. So far, the gardens are still trudging along.

Heirloom bulbs aren’ phased by droughts…..they just save their energy and stay dormant.

The gardens at the studio will be another story……I will have to bottle up well water from our house to keep certain flowers alive. I’ not readyh to let everything go. I suppose that’ is what makes a gardener special……we will do whatever it takes to save a flower.

Our drought continues another day…..

Pray for rain.