Early Morning Waterings and Other Summer Goals

It’s officially summer in Texas. I’m sitting in my big, comfy chair drinking a cup of Earl Grey tea with oat milk (yes, that’s really a thing). It’s 3 pm in the afternoon….currently 2,000 degrees outside. I have things to do, but the weather doesn’t care. It’s summer in Texas, and that is just the way it is.

I’m not really a morning person. My husband drags me out of bed a few snoozes after my alarm clock goes off. He wakes at 3 45 am, so 6 17 am is late to him. He’s already cured cancer by 4 30, so when I stumble out of bed, looking for my tea, his loud ramblings are enough to make me want to kick a puppy across the room. Now, I love my husband….but after he drinks 2 pots of coffee, he is a tad bit excitable and darn-right loud. I prefer quiet in the morning. Ponderings. I used to love to blog in the early mornings, but with coronavirus, he and his 2-pots-of-coffee self are always lurking around the house in search of a loud conversation. By the time I get my act together, it is 7 am. The flowers, chickens, ducks and pigeons have already been screaming at me for water since dawn. I’ve decided to change up my daytime routine.

In order to get everything happily hand watered, i need to be at the music studio by 6-ish. ….

Ouch. That’s early.

Real early.

Early Waterings give the plants and veggie gardens a boost for the day. Our days are hot. Veggies are producing, and if I am not careful, the plants will give up. In order to get everything taken care of and conserve water, I ordered 4 hay-bales. I will be piling on the hay around the veggies. Hay arrived today, but that will be a project for next week. Hay is an awesome way to encourage worms under the soil and keep the overall ground temperature lower and moist. Hay also helps control weeds….supposedly.

A lot of my gardening friends have drip lines. What a gift that must be!! Knowing myself, I’d probably still hand-water. I find joy in watching my flowers grow. I survery each plant individually. I practically call them by name, but that’s a bit weird.

The early mornings will also be a nice time to dig up the annoying Bermuda grass, and replant it at our house on the hill. Yes, I really did say that. Our home was built on a rock, overlooking our lovely town. Everything is picturesque…..except the fact that our house literally was built on a rock!!! No lush gardens on the hill for me! Thank goodness for the horrific Bermuda grass, that grows where nothing else will. Over rocks it grow….where is stops, nobody knows. I have created some beautiful grass patches that are the envy of all lawn-lovers.

So tomorrow morning, (ugh) I plan on getting up at 5 30 am. I will have hose in hand at 6 am….watching the gardens wake up to a lovely drink of cool water.

What are some of your early morning summertime routines? Feel free to email me your thoughts or ideas at heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com Unfortunately, due to hackers, comments are not allowed….although hackers still find a way 🙂

Happy Gardening, my friends!