Earth Day in the City

It’s Earth Day. Ironically, I am in a land of concrete….New York City.

I am staying downtown, in a cozy little flat overlooking the constant happenings of the city. Car horns have replaced the¬† typical morning sounds of birds singing. Tall buildings have relaced the beautiful Texas Live Oak trees. Occasionally I will see a few pigeons, and for a moment, I will feel a small connection to nature again. It’s definately not the land of gardens and meadows that I am used to.

There are small glimpses of fellow nature lovers though…..window boxes and small, little gardens planted desparately around random trees in the sidewalks. The window boxes always catch my eye. Gorgeous vines, bulbs, herbs and colorful violets that are lovingly placed outside someone’s window. I imagine the longing for the touch and smell of nature that gardener must feel….which can be challenging in a city such as New York. Studies show the need for time in nature, and all the mental health benefits that gardening and dirt can bring.¬†Somehow, Earth Day always brings the idea of redemption to my mind. Taking something that was barren and void, and creating beauty.

Take the window boxes. How many thousands of people walk by and see nothing but void….and then suddenly, there are flowers. Real flowers. Color in the midst of grey. A small gift from the gardener, that redeems the senses for the countless who see.

There are flower shops that satisfy the need for beauty. I love the cute, little awnings of the shops, and thed endless varieties of flowers I can’t get in Texas. Today, in honor of Earth Day, I’m going to go to a local flower market and buy some fresh flowers. I cant wait to back home to my gardens…..feel the Texas dirt again, and maybe even hug a chicken. Until then, I will relish in the unique sights and sounds of the city.

Earth Day in New York City….ironic for me, a lover of the earth, to be in a land without gardens.