Earth Day


I often wonder what our world will look like when my children grow up. I see the need for technology has taken the place of the value of nature. In pursuit of consumerism, ¬†we have polluted and destroyed much of the natural beauty around us. Every where I turn, I hear more stories about animal extinction, rain forest depletion, ¬†plastics outnumbering fish in the ocean, endangerment of the Monarch Butterfly, and the list goes on. It’s too much for me to ponder.

It’s Earth Day today. A good reminder for us to take a moment and make a change. Every change makes a difference. Every choice matters.

Here are a few small things to change, to start making a difference. ….

-quit using straws.


-carry grocery sacks, and quit using plastic bags

-donate your plastic plant containers to a local garden shop or local garden club

-empty Kurig coffee cups into the garden, and use for planting seedlings (or pass on to gardeners)


-don’t buy excessive trendy households that will break….choose quality over quantity.

-designate a ‘no mow’ area in your yard. Let nature live and thrive. Plant wildflowers and encourage butterflies.

-plant a tree.

Its Earth Day. Be mindful that every small choice reaps big rewards. It’s going to take all of us working together. Chanel starts with the man in the mirror, so make that change.