Every Day Is A Good Day With Oxblood Lilies

Every day is a good day during Oxblood Lily Season.

My entire emotional state shifts the moment I see my first Oxblood Lily. The hot, angry heat of summer is soothed by the warming calm of the upcoming Fall. Thoughts of cool mornings, football games, family meals and candles delight my soul. I put away the constant worry of keeping plants alive, and I begin to relish in the early morning survey of the gardens. The summer has ended and Fall is officially on it’s way.

Thanks to the Oxblood Lily,  I no longer hear “Another one bites the dust.” buzzing through my mind, as I depressingly try to keep the gardens alive.  Instead,  I gaze upon the beauty of my Fall garden and hear Seven Brides for Seven Brothers sing  “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!!!”  

The gardens are going to be lovely this Fall. Thousands of Oxbloods have been relocated to the Agape Haus Music Studio in the past year. Most of these newly planted bulbs will bloom for the first time in their new gardens. After the flood destroyed our home,  Every day, I dug and salvaged  the heirloom bulbs. It took 6 months to move everything. I didn’t have time to label where all the bulbs were newly planted. This blooming season is more like Christmas morning every time I see a new clump of flower bulbs blooming.

Would you like to have some Oxblood Lilies for your garden? Do you crave the beauty of changing seasons? Are you exhausted and fatigued from the beat-down of the summer heat? Do you need an annual reminder that everything is still all right in this crazy world, and that life is still lovely and beautiful?

Send me an email…..I’d love to send you a few bulbs at no cost. heirloombulbgirl@gmail.com

Happy Gardening, my friends!  Every day with an Oxblood Lily is a good day!