Fall has arrived!


So many things to be joyous about……

The weather change, fall bulbs, renewal in the garden….almost like an extra Spring given to us before Winter.

I am especially grateful for this year’s Fall. Summer was rough. I think it was the hardest summer for gardening  I have ever experienced. Somehow, with the renewal of temperatures and a little rain, the gardens are thriving.

Four O’clocks are in bloom. Vivid,  pink old fashioned beauties.

Oxblood and Spider Lilies are in bloom….each trying to outshine the other.

Bee and butterfly loving perennials have a new zest for life, and every flying thing in the county has enjoyed nature’s bounty.

Sternbergia is beginning to bloom…..a bright yellow bit of sunshine added to the garden.

Oxalis is coming out of hibernation.  Every day, I find new little dainty flowers gracing the clover-looking clumps of green.

Trees are happy.

In fact, everything in the garden is happy.

Fall is such a special season, full of gratitude in every flower. If you haven’t started a year found garden, full of old fashioned bulbs and pernnials…..it’s never too late to start.  Find a nice spot under a tree, and plant an heirloom bulb. Then plant another…..soon, you will have a garden of seasonal surprise.

Happy Fall Gardening, friends!!