Feel the Rain on Your Skin

I was in the middle of a violin lesson when the rain came.


We rain outside and just stood, feeling the rain on our skin. It was absolutely glorious. We ran through the gardens to grab as many tubs as we could to collect rain water. It has been a long, hot summer of extreme temperatures and drought. The unexpected rainfall brought a huge sigh of relief to the earth.

This season of drought has been hard. Our town is solely reliant on a spring-fed river for water that flows through our little town.. Wells are beginning to dry up, as the river flow is at one of the lowest levels ever recorded. Our community is on a strict water conservation. In garden terms, that means a season of a gardener’s heartache.

I’ve watched each of my Antique Roses die slowly… one by one. Even drought-hardy plants are giving up the fight. The plants that have managed to survive the overwhelming heat and lack of water, are now in constant war with the gophers and moles, who have devoured fleshy roots.. The current landscape everywhere I look is a pitiful shade of brown…..

But did I mention it rained today?!

I stood in it. I felt it.

I felt the rain on my skin, and I immediately felt restored.

I knew who brought the rain, and I knew who heard the cries and pleas from ranchers and farmers everywhere. I knew that the Lord, who is able to bring rain in the middle of a hopelessly hot summer, is still able to restore and renew this drought-stricken land. I knew that things were going to be alright.

My student and I went back into the studio, soaking wet, and finished our lesson. Somehow things felt different.

it is a new day and I am beyond grateful for the bit of renewing rain.

Don’t lose hope, my friends. The rains will come.

Happy Gardening!