Finding Calm in the Midst of a Storm

“I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve been social distancing long before the coronavirus outbreak.”

A little light-hearted humor to counter the anxieties upon our world right now. I read that phrase the other day, and literally laughed out loud. As gardeners, we are all about social distancing. Gardeners actually prefer the quiet moments spent watching flowers grow. Now, in the face of a pandemic, people everywhere are encouraged to stay home and socially distance themselves from crowds. If it weren’t for the pandemic itself, the mandate to stay at home would actually sound quite delightful.

I spent the last week driving my Mom to and from the ER to visit my Father. He is finally able to come home. As I waited for the paperwork to finish up, I just had to catch a breath of calm. I slipped out of the hospital and drove to my favorite plant shop,The Natural Gardener, in Austin. I bought a large container of Fernleaf Lavender, which is my favorite lavender on the planet. I also found an pale, pink flowering Oxalis that I didn’t have….so I bought that too. As I strolled up and down the rows of flowers, I could literally feel my serenity come back. It was amazing how quickly my anxieties turned to calm.

Gardens do that for people.

People really do need their gardens. The need for nature is built into our inner-being. Maybe that is why God placed us first, and foremost,  in a Garden.

He knew.

He knew the restoration of gardens.

In all this craziness of life, we have two choices…..Feed into chaos, or calm the storm. I encourage each and every one of you to step out into your gardens. Enjoy some much-needed quiet time every day. Make the most of this “social distancing” time in your life. Get your hands in the dirt and find your peace.

As for me, I am going to get caught up on writing some letters, pulling some weeds, enjoying my beautiful new Lavender, try a few new recipis, and fully enjoy the quiet moments I have.

I pray for your health and your calm during this uncertain time.

Happy gardening, my friends.